The Strawberry Roan

An' I spots the corral and a standin' alone

There I sees this caballo, a strawberry roan. 

Curley Fletcher,

The Original Strawberry Roan


The first horse to run off with me was a roan. His coat was the color of strawberry milk with flies in it. So I recall. I was ten years old, and the scene of the action was an old rent stable called Fox Hills Academy, out on the edge of Inglewood, California. Fox Hills was near the Los Angeles International Airport where, in the 1920s, fields of wheat, barley and lima beans had been converted into landing strips. Then men started dreaming up freeways, and the freeways tore out the heart of the irrigated desert. Fox Hills is buried underĀ­neath the San Diego freeway. Rush hour traffic snaking across the horizon.

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