Reflecting on the influence of Tom Dorrance, Bill Dorrance and Ray Hunt

Horsemanship through feel, timing and balance - an ongoing, dynamic philosophy of communicating with horses. Perhaps this concept is what Tom and Bill Dorrance had in mind as they lived and worked with horses. They eventually shared their ideas and observations with Ray Hunt, a man that would bring this concept to the masses. When viewing the world of modern horsemanship, each of these men is inextricably linked to one another.

Bill and Tom grew up in the early 20th century on a ranch in northeastern Oregon. In those days, most of America was horse-drawn or horseback. The Dorrances lived and worked with horses on a daily basis. They were particularly intelligent young men and, along with their siblings, were encouraged by their parents to explore, experiment and think for themselves. While their father, Church Dorrance, worked the family ranch, their mother was a schoolteacher. Both parents instilled in their children an ethic of personal progress.

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