Sourdough Flapjacks

Roger Tilkemeier of Eagle, Colorado, has led a full and enviable life, horseback riding, skiing, and marketing million-dollar ranches all over the West. At 86, he's still...

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Three Little Books

In Creating Relationships, with Horses or with People, These Books have Helped Change the Lives of Both for the Better

Writer/horseman Tom McGuane speaks of the horse as few can. His eloquent writin...

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Western Photography

Be sure to check out some amazing photography of the old west culture, artists and local events and more. Be sure to check back often for updates and more.

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Santa Maria Barbecue

In the last issue of R&R, I wrote about Pam Ewing and the Californio style of cooking she grew up with on the central California coast. A big part of California's culinary history revolves around barbecue, an art Pam's husband, Nick, has mastered. California barbecue traces...

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