A Message to our Readers

April 21, 2016.

To our dear readers,
In 2011, just a little over five years ago, I along with some incredible partners launched Ranch & Reata as a bi-monthly journal to provide high-quality content and presentation to folks who love the American West. It would be subscription only – with no newsstand presence due to the useless waste of unpurchased copies. We felt – even with the huge changes occurring across the publishing landscape - that we would find enough readers to help us grow our readership and subscriptions.

Unfortunately, even with best efforts, we have not been able to attract enough subscribers making it impossible for us to financially continue. So after much thought and frankly, anguish, we are ceasing publication of Ranch & Reata with this issue, 6.1.

If this was the last issue in your subscription – we thank you for your gracious support. If this is not your final issue, we have made arrangements with the wonderful folks at Western Art & Architecture for you to receive the balance of your R&R subscription with their superb magazine. We are unable financially to refund any partially remaining subscriptions so we hope you will enjoy and support the generosity of Western Art & Architecture and continue to subscribe to their fine publication.

We do have most of the back issues of Ranch & Reata. Remaining back issues will be available for sixty days via the website at www.ranchandreata.com, should you wish to fill out your collection and purchase some.

For the last five years, I have breathed Ranch & Reata as it was a dream come true for me. So to all of you who chose to come along on this unique publishing journey with us, we are deeply grateful and thank you for your support and encouragement.

My best to you all,
Bill Reynolds

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